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Horizon Property Management Landscaping Services

Use Various Landscaping Services to Upgrade and Maintain Your Lawn’s Aesthetics

We know you love your lawn, but sometimes it just needs extra attention. That’s where Horizon Property Management comes in.

Our company offers a wide variety of landscaping services to keep your lawn looking great. You can hire our expert landscapers for lawn work, such as gardening, weed control, hedging, and lawn mowing.

Horizon Property Management’s landscapers are professionally trained and equipped with the best landscaping tools. Our company serves business owners or residents of Muskegon, MI, and its neighboring towns with care.

Amazing Value Proposition

We offer affordable landscaping services and package them based on your requirements. Our company also has various gardening services that fit every homeowner’s budget.


Horizon Property Management believes in teamwork and coordination. We constantly empower our employees and ensure that they are treated right. Our arborist, lawn specialist, landscapers, and other staff work in harmony to give you the lawn of your dreams.

Diverse Portfolio of Projects

Our company has worked with numerous clients with complex lawns and gardens. Some of our clients’ yards are featured on our website. Please read their testimonials about our work too.

We Value Customer’s Inputs

Your suggestions and inputs matter to us. Our landscape designers and managers will see to it that the project incorporates your ideas. We also have a system to ensure that we finish the job on schedule.

Service Features

Horizon Property Management has a well-trained team of professional landscapers that can clean, maintain, and upgrade your lawn. Getting our service will give you:

  • More landscaping design options using various materials
  • A healthier garden ready for seasonal display
  • Efficient leaf removal and lawn mowing
  • Convenient spring and fall maintenance

Do You Want a Better Landscape? 

Visit our office or call us and let us build a beautiful yard.

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